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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Declaration of IndepenDance 2012

Hey everyone! I hope 2012 has been treating y'all well thus far!

I had hoped to do this sooner but as my tweetlings may be aware of, I was dealing with a lot of sickness the past few weeks which led to a lot more oversleeping and time spent on killing more of it till I was better and able to handle a full thought process (not that thinking ever ends for me anyway). Nonetheless, here I am, alive and well and ready to finally set my current goals into digital words. I will say this before I jump into it that the whole notion of creating resolutions every new year isn't quite my thing in the same regard to others. I am continuously making goals for myself throughout the year because we never fully know what is ahead of us in life.


So what I like to do at the start of a new year is simply to list what I have in mind at that point; something of a to-do list for the time ahead of me, if you will. That means I can add as I go as well as eliminate. It's much better to be open about these things than to simply decide "I'M GOING TO HIT THE GYM!" and be disappointed by the increasing amount of time spent NOT going to the gym--the initiative just doesn't seem to be there and it also takes away from the real sense of accomplishment.Ultimately this is to further bring forth and nurture myself (that being why I give it the name seen in the title--the different spelling will be explained later on). As I'm sure you've come to know of me now, I enjoy the written word and take it to heart; therefore, I treat my goals the same way. Lastly, can I say how good it feels to have that somewhat physical notification that you've accomplished something, even if it is completely beyond that? I honestly recommend you give it a try.

And without further ado, here's my own goals (not necessarily in a specific order, but you can see that some hold greater priority and influence others):

Simply Life
1. Get a hold of a manageable part-time job
2. Seek out the first apartment
3. Earn an internship
4. Feel free to take some time for the self to explore and grow
5. Don't over-analyze close friends but do keep a close watch over acquaintances
6. Keep cooking little by little--no microwave included
7. Don't let the stress win
8. Make the hopes to maintain the blogs well a reality, no matter what life decides to toss
9. Stay in school (lol--more seriously, stay focused)

Fashion & Beauty
1. Don't be afraid to be bold and step out of the comfort zone
2. Don't be afraid to be minimal and step out of the comfort zone
3. Step away from "fast fashion" even more.
4. Endorse the designers that make the heart pitter-patter with euphoria however possible
5. Go into the luxury stores and dream till obtainable
6. Tend to the body fully--keep a healthy wardrobe and cosmetic collection; clean out and feed when necessary and not in excess

1. Keep protesting as long as it feels right
2. Get more involved in the social sphere--discuss, learn, and educate
3. Write all ideas down and don't leave them to fade; develop the worthwhile
4. Spread into social media more and reach out further
5. Wow someone through talent
6. Go on an adventure or five
7. DANCE!!! (This would be that explanation, by the way)

I hope to share many of these with you in the future, whether it be just telling you all about it or actually surprising someone with a gift. Nonetheless, what goals do you have in mind for now? How do you plan on making them happen? Are they for the just now or for the long term? Any ideas after giving this a read? Any tips regarding how to achieve my own goals? How do you plan on celebrating your accomplishments?

Here's to a busy but possible year ahead! Cheers!

Hasta Luego!

Luna-tick Tock

P.S. This same post will be visible on Little Luna's Loves as well.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re-Occupying this Blog through the Re-Occupation of Duarte Square #D17 (LENGTHY--Lots of Pics, Vids, and Deets)

Hi there y'all!

Another absence came and went but so much has taken place in that time--primarily my attempt to participate weekly in the Occupy Wall Street movement. I'd hope to write of my ventures on here but working on it for class as well as just managing through the semester as a whole didn't seem to work so well. But the semester is over and action is still happening so I'll begin with the most recent of events, the #D17 action/re-Occupation at Duarte Square.

I'm sure you have a general knowledge of what Occupy Wall Street is at this point, whether you have sought to inform yourself through the mistake-ridden mainstream media or have been following recognized journalists and public figures who constantly attend and present their experiences meshed with their knowledge or the information of the new independent media that has risen from the movement itself, so I won't go into depth on it in this post. I will provide some background information on the day itself which will be all that follows in red, so if you feel you don't need to read up on this, feel free to skip ahead to my talk of the day itself. 

The #D17 action was meant to be a global day of action with various reasons for it:

1. The third month celebration of the Occupation, regardless of the evictions
2. Bradley Manning's birthday, whose pre-trial began the previous day after 18 months of detainment
3. The one year anniversary of street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi's act of protest by setting himself on fire--the trigger for the Tunisian Revolution as well as the Arab Spring

Because of the eviction of the protesters from Zuccotti Park at the dawn of November 15 along with their inability to return, the plan of action for the day was to re-Occupy and find a new location of permanence for the full-time protesters that spent day and night there, as it had become a symbol and message many found pertinent to the movement. Thus attention was directed to Juan Pablo Duarte Park, located approximately a mile away from Wall Street, yet still relevant to the mission of the protesters. The reasoning was it was a piece of land that belonged to Trinity Church--a frequent location for the meetings of various working groups taking part in OWS yet also one of the largest land owners in the city, and when broached on allowing protesters use the closed off space as their new encampment, they refused. The church was criticized for it by many, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and calling them out on hypocrisy in their so-called support of the movement. With various other clerical supporters, the demonstrators called to action the taking of the Park for their celebration.

Though the day began at 12 pm, I didn't arrive at Duarte Square till a little before 3 pm (sadly my attempt at a shortcut to get there a little past 2 led to a huge detour...thanks MTA). I met up with my friend Zachary, who had brought his best friend Andrew for his first experience at OWS, and we didn't have to wait long before a march was underway. We weren't sure where we were headed, nor did many of the people around us but the approximately 300 people that had gathered that day chanted and marched on loudly and enthusiastically. I even got the chance to lead a chant or two with a few others, which allowed me to hear how annoying I could possibly sound as I called out "Whose streets?!" but with the overwhelming returning call of "Our streets!!" it didn't seem like much of an issue. There were, of course, had cops walk alongside us on the street watching our actions but also carrying on in conversation of their own, seemingly amused and not tremendously worried of the protesters. We marched North on Canal Street before turning back and returning down Varick Street and soon enough we found ourselves almost back to where we had started except a little further down: Duarte Park.


As someone of short stature, it was difficult to determine what was going on at first, especially once the hoots, hollers, and cheers rose up from the crowd but the message was passed along of the ladder that had been placed further down towards 6th Avenue. We stood right by the corner of Grand Street and Varick Street, lost among the cheers as people climbed the ladder rapidly up and into the vacant park. With so many people there, it was difficult for some to make their way towards it so in their desire to see the park occupied, they went on and climbed the fence itself, inciting even louder cheers for every individual that sat up top to raise their fist towards the crowd before jumping down on the other side.

**I apologize for the side angle in this and some of the other videos--I'll be sure to remember this for future videos

Soon, a good lot of protesters could be seen to have made it to the other side. With their own celebratory cheers, the re-Occupation of Duarte Park was official, but surely not over. The ladder was still only able to allow so many people to get inside so quickly so it was obvious what the next action must be: the tearing down of the fence itself.

The police only sat idly by for so long though. While the typical few recorded everything that was taking place from the safety of the top of their vehicle, the riot cops led the other departments of blue shirts and community affairs into the scene to disrupt the joyous activity. The first to get wrestled to the ground and arrested was the man who Mic Checked the crowd to advocate the taking down of the fence. The cops moved in on the others inside but all those on the sidewalk were suddenly getting pushed away from the fence, off the sidewalk and into the street. One community affairs official even attempted to push various men onto a woman in a wheelchair and avoided the sight of her intently while being yelled at by all that were around to look at her and to stop shoving. Another woman stood face to face with another cop and argued that they all had a right to stay on the sidewalk while other protesters chanted "Who do you serve?! Who do you protect?!"

We eventually crossed to the opposite sidewalk without much hassle, until a giant sign that said "Our Voices Need Space" was attempted to be opened up, but as it was larger than the width of the sidewalk, this led to protesters trying to get it open while stepping into the street, and further conflict ensued between them and the riot cops and community affairs officials nearby as both tugged at it.

The sign was opened up, though, and the protesters returned to Duarte Square to convene and try to determine what was the next move. Various protesters were caught on the other sidewalk as police surrounded them and appeared to be at a standstill with exception for chants that could hardly be heard at the square. Meanwhile, others tried to peek through the holes of the wall by the fence that made seeing into the arrests inside Duarte Park difficult. Jeff-Bob Charoin, a civil servant currently working with the New York general attorney Eric Schneiderman, was in the midst of explaining to some officers calmly off to the side “that there is a law that defends my right to be here but as I tapped his shoulder and said ‘Exogenous,’ I was getting shoved away brutally. My heart’s still racing, but I suppose I’m just lucky I didn’t get arrested just now.” From this point on no one was allowed near the fence to peer into the park.

A Mic Check ensued to try and calm the crowd of protesters and let celebrations flourish, though from the conversations that took place, celebration was the last thing on the minds of many. Meditation and crafts took place by the statue of Juan Pable Duarte in which a few participated, but most were involved in discussion relating to the events still on-going. Some watched to see what would happen across the street, where eventually the protesters were allowed to go. The riot cops eventually left as well with many booing them.

As it began to get darker and our stomachs emptier, Zach, Andrew and I took off for food. I watched the #D17 stream on Twitter as people tweeted that movement towards the home of the Rector of Trinity Church, Jim Cooper. We mapped out their general location and quickly headed off (almost getting hit by the cars of impatient drivers on Canal Street) towards Varick and Vandam, where the last set of directions were tweeted. In going there, we came across a small group that was returning to Duarte Square and joined up. Still on Twitter, I began to read various protesters tweeting from different locations, some going past Union Square, others headed there, and then those we were marching with--the giant band of protesters had been split up.


Once at Duarte Square, we tried to determine what to do. Following the tweets, the northern most group appeared to be headed towards Times Square and had no police following them, thus they took the streets! They also had no press with them; most of whom were still with us. A quick discussion on whether to try and catch up with them or not took place--consensus being to remain at Duarte as it was our original place of occupation and word that some were returning was confirmed. So people hung out and chatted for a bit and I got my own Hipster Cop sighting for the first time (though no photo since my camera is very bad with inconspicuous nighttime shots) as we waited for Kitchen and the other protesters to return. It was not long, though, before another Mic Check was called stating that the leading group of protesters had gotten caught in a blockade by cops at 29th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, and arrests were imminent for the approximate hundred that were there. The consensus was to remain there but for any press in the area to head over immediately. Our trio jumped on the train and sped there as fast as we can, only to find abandoned police vehicles and desolate city sidewalks.

At this point, my phone had died and so we had no connection to finding out where to go. We came across another protester, Mickey, who had left to find the group that was there as well. Having been to the Times Square protest a few months prior, Zachary and I assumed they managed to continue forward in the direction so we went on. Meanwhile, a connection to Twitter was being attempted on Andrew's phone to confirm it. Mickey told us about her life in Canada before moving to New York, going from place to place, and saying she was occupying for an Native American reserve that was in deplorable condition not far from Ottawa. It was upon reaching Bryant Park that we were correct in our assumption--they were by the red stairs, which had been barricaded by the cops. We headed over, just in time for the 7:30 General Assembly that was taking place. Reminiscing on the prior protest there, we looked bleakly and sarcastically commented on the police on horses as well as the riot cops that surrounded the vicinity. Nonetheless, the protesters that were gathered appeared to be in a jovial mood as the beat drums, danced, and chanted in tune "Bloomberg Beware! Zuccotti Park is Everywhere!" An inspiring moment of people stating their reasons for occupying followed, with everything from personal struggles to get by to the struggles of people throughout the world. Granted, this probably went on for a bit too long, as the large group began to shrink. We sat nearby as it continued, reviewing the day's events before deciding to leave.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making The End In Sight

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed yesterday's deadline. On Twitter I said I'd have to postpone it till today as I didn't really dedicate proper time to it and had spent the evening out. I promise I won't procrastinate these things any more (it'll be good practice before school work starts up again).

Anyway, I decided I start this off with a personal post.

A thought occurred to me last night: Where is the End?

I was reading a novel and something in it made me think about myself and how many things I've left incomplete in my life. I have a shelf of notebooks with a bit of writing in it but none are completely filled, not even my attempt at a diary. I continued to think about this and came up with the following list:

1. Martial Arts-Left once I had my priorities in life switch in middle school and felt it conflicted too much (I was close to becoming a high yellow belt--I still have the previous ones as well as all my training videos and sparring gear).
2. Piano-Stopped as it clashed with the Support Group I was asked to join but after that was over, the keyboard I got for Christmas sat in my home untouched, still does.
3. Singing-Left the church choir after leaving the church completely but joined in school for a while but left that completely as well.
4. Therapy-This one I'm not too bothered by because I felt it wasn't working out but I really didn't give it much time (2-3 months).
5. Skateboarding-Once my older friends graduated and we started seeing each other less, I left my brand new board with the rusty bearings in need of cleaning and/or replacement unscathed. It still looks like the day my friends bought it for my 15th birthday with exception for the wheels from the older flea market-bought board I had.
6. Novel-I've been stuck at chapter 3 for about 2 years now...

If you were to ask me how I think my future will shape out to be, it's about as bad as asking me anything about my childhood; my answer will be I have no idea. I definitely do have plans and things I want to accomplish, but my issue is actually visualizing them happening. They only ever appear as plans. At first I may get excited and think about all the possibilities, but that's a very short-term moment.

All these things I've mentioned that were incomplete aren't things I've forgotten, but things I really loved to do, which is what bothers me! I loved them all, except for the therapy, as I mentioned, but the common trend seemed to be something made me stop. I could probably credit something outside of my power for each one, but I think this only further reveals something about myself: I am NOT a self-starter.

The advice my dad always gave me (and I still hear from time to time) is "Be a leader, not a follower" and I definitely took that advice to heart, at least I thought so. My plans have been aimed to achieve this but it seems that without someone or something guiding me to make it happen, I won't fulfill it. I have taken on leadership positions before so I know I'm definitely capable of it, but it was either asked for me or a last resort.

I don't want this to be the way any longer.

Coming to this realization and putting it forth for all of you, I am going to make this an end to achieve the End. There are things I can and have accomplished, even if its as minuscule of a task as finishing a book I read for amusement or self-learning purposes. So why can't I apply it to the rest of my life?

I can.

I will.

Once I have a job again, I'll get back to my martial arts school but in the meantime I'll practice at home.

I'm going to pick this keyboard up every week and try to relearn what I once I did and continue to learn more.

Though I sing plenty around my friends and it's a bit difficult now with my braces (it definitely does alter your vocal abilities--kudos to those who manage it well), I'm going to sing more often and even try to drag friends out to karaoke a little more often. I hope that one day I can share it with you all.

My brother has a skateboard now as well so we will practice together.

I will write chapter 3 of that novel and chapter 4 and 5 and so on until I hit that final period.

Therapy, well, I doubt I'll do that again as I've been able to find my own ways to handle my situations.

As for all the plans I hope to accomplish such as pole dancing (I'll write more about that in the near-future) and advancing in my career and education and even my blogs, I want to ensure that they won't suffer this same fate as well unless I truly feel they aren't right and not because I couldn't motivate myself to do it for myself. I've had my moments at times with my blogs and schooling where I just want to call it quits, but I have always found a way to get myself back into it.

This is what I want to do for life. I want to be able to make things happen for myself. I will make things happen for myself.

So I ask that you all take some time to take a look at yourself and how it's going for you. Do you see anything that you're allowing to inhibit yourself? How do you want to take it on? Have you ever allowed your motivation to be deterred? Any other thoughts or ideas come to mind after all this (if you have any ideas on how to remain self-motivated, definitely shout them out in the comments)?

Thanks for joining and tune in next week (Tuesday for sure) for another trip. Also, if you have any ideas for destinations, check out my previous post for how you can let me know about them. I'd really like to hear what's on your minds.

Luna-tick Tock

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

Hey everyone!

Since I started this blog, I've had ideas come and go and have a list prepped that continues to grow but as these posts take more time to prepare than my fashion blog posts, I have not really accomplished much here. So as I have been away from both for the last few weeks of July, I've spent the time not only organizing my room but also trying to figure out a way to organize my blogs so that I can manage both properly and really begin providing on both ends. Thus, I've decided that for this blog I will be posting EVERY TUESDAY beginning next week.

In order to really have some discourse and discussion take place here as well as comply with my above statement "Think. Grow. Express. Revolutionize." I'd like to invite you all to participate!! By this I mean I'd like to hear what has you guys thinking! Issues you'd like to address, thoughts that keep you up at night, debates you'd like to hear more information on regarding all sides involved, anything of the sort. You can be as detailed as you like with these (the more details the better!) and you will surely get recognition for raising the topic as well. From the time of the post, I'd like to see the discussion spread like wildfire and really bring further light to whatever it may be. The more we can work together to get things out there, the closer we become to acting upon it.

So if you'd like to participate, you have a few options:

1. Tweet me @Little_Luna1
2. Email me (
3. G+ me (there honestly needs to be a better term for this)

I would add FaceBook but I only kept up with my page for so long before deleting it and don't feel the need to have such an overwhelming amount of social networks. Hey, maybe that'll be something we can discuss in the near future! *writes that down*

If you have any questions regarding this, please post them in the comments section below or if you feel shy, email me. But PLEASE ask your questions! I love to answer questions and be sure I'm making things as clear as crystal for everyone.

I look forward to what you all have in mind and can't wait to really get this place started! Off to the Moon we go!

Luna-tick Tock

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LIT UP: Conspicuous Consumption

Hey everyone!

So I've been prepping so many posts for this blog but I've been procrastinating as well as I finish up my summer course. Anyway, I'm just about ready to start getting to serious work on here and have decided to start us off with some literature. I initially started the Little Literature Love Series on my other blog, which only made it to one book, but I decided I wanted to do a break down with it. So I'll be featuring Lit Up on this blog while the other will have Light Lit, both being a part of the overall series. The difference will be that on here I plan to feature series works that carry the intent of bringing forth some sort of knowledge to light in order to try and change the direction of progress we are headed in such as satires and political/societal non-fiction works. Light Lit will be primarily focused on novels as well as magazine articles, which carry the intent of pleasure reading but will have its own dose of criticism undoubtedly. This won't be a set in stone thing, though, as I expect that there will be some novels or articles better suited for this series, and maybe even vice-versa!

Enough on that elaboration though! The first work I've decided to feature here is Thorstein Veblen's Conspicuous Consumption.

I came across this book through my "Aristotle" class during my Spring semester, when the professor made the connection between this term and an Aristotelian idea we were focusing on. I was intrigued by it and even decided to write my final paper in regards to Aristotle's views on wealth while making connections to Veblen's own ideas as well as some more contemporary ones (if you're curious, I got a B!). I didn't give the book a good read till after the paper though, and what a fantastic book it is! Here's the synopsis from my copy (published by Penguin Books as a part of their "Great Ideas" series):

With its wry portrayal of a shallow, materialistic 'leisure class' obsessed by clothes, cars, consumer goods and climbing the social ladder, this withering satire on modern capitalism is as pertinent today as when it was written over a century ago.

Also, on the cover beneath the title and author the following is written:

"Unproductive Consumption of Goods is Honourable."

My thoughts: The true work in which this was written was in Veblen's The Theory of the Leisure Class (which I hope to read and tell you all about it in due time) but here, the main points regarding the idea of conspicuous consumption that Veblen coined is put into focus. Conspicuous Consumption is the wasteful use of money and resources by people wishing to portray themselves as someone of a higher status a.k.a. "the leisure class." His approach is interesting, as he writes this from an anthropological perspective by comparing the leisure class of his day to the early barbaric tribes from the beginning of the world for humankind. He explains how the leisure class approaches their status maintenance in a variety of ways, primarily conspicuous consumption and conspicuous leisure, but also in the little work they do that is left to those of the lower class, their heavy involvement in warfare, their interaction with nature, and conspicuous uselessness of education. Does this sound familiar? Thus the reasoning the book's poignancy remains so today! Though not every point is something I'd agree upon, they are well-made as well as put forth in an entertaining manner. Due to the time difference, some of the word usage is different but not so much so that it will infringe on your understanding of what he's portraying. I find that it applies quite well in today's way of life and is easily something you can see today tenfold (as Veblen's time of capitalism has transformed into today's hyper-capitalism) through media, your interactions with people, and undoubtedly, when you are in the bouts of consumption. After reading this, you'll find yourself re-evaluating your acts of consumption and thinking about the effects our economic system has on us as a whole.

My Favorite Quotes:

"With the primitive barbarian, before the simple content of the notion has been obscured by its own ramifications and by a secondary growth of cognate ideas, 'honourable' seems to connote nothing else than assertion of superior force. 'Honourable' is 'formidable'; 'worthy' is 'prepotent.' A honorific act is in the last analysis little if anything else than a recognised successful act of aggression." (17)

"The utility of consumption as an evidence of wealth is to be classed as a derivative growth. It is an adaptation to a new end, by a selective process, of a distinction previously existing and well established in men's habits of thought." (43)

"This cultivation of aesthetic faculty requires time and application, and the demands made upon the gentleman in this direction therefore tend to change his life of leisure into a more or less arduous application to the business of learning how to live a life of ostensible leisure in a becoming way." (48)

"[A]s the latter-day outcome of this evolution of an archaic institution, the wife, who was at the outset the drudge and chattel of the man, both in fact and in theory - the producer of goods for him to consume - has become the ceremonial consumer of goods which he produces. But she still quite unmistakably remains his chattel in theory; for the habitual rendering of vicarious leisure and consumption is the abiding mark of the unfree servant." (57)

"Different individuals will, of course, achieve spiritual maturity and sobriety in this respect in different degrees; and those who fail of the average remain as an undissolved residue of crude humanity in the modern industrial community and as a foil for that selective process of adaptation which makes for a heightened industrial efficiency and the fulness of life of the collectivity." (84)

"Sportsmen - hunters and anglers - are more or less in the habit of assigning a love of nature, the need of recreation, and the like, as the incentives to their favourite pastime. These motives are no doubt frequently present and make up a part of the attractiveness of the sportsman's life; but these can not be the chief incentives. These ostensible needs could be more readily and fully satisfied without the accompaniment of a systematic effort to take the life of those creatures that make up an essential feature of that 'nature' that is beloved by the sportsman. It is, indeed, the most noticeable effect of the sportsman's activity to keep nature in a state of chronic desolation by killing off all living things whose destruction he can compass." ( 87)

"During the recent past some tangible changes have taken place in the scope of college and university teaching. These changes have in the main consisted in a partial displacement of the humanities - those branches of learning which are conceived to make for the traditional 'culture,' character, tastes and ideals - by those more matter-of-fact branches which make for civic and industrial efficiency. To put the same thing in other words, those branches of knowledge which make for efficiency (ultimately productive efficiency) have gradually been gaining ground against those branches which make for a heightened consumption or a lowered industrial efficiency and for a type of character suited to the régime of status." (93)

"For this purpose the use of such epithets as 'noble,' 'base,' 'higher,' 'lower,' etc., is significant only as showing the animus and the point of view of disputants; whether they contend for the worthiness of the new or of the old. All these epithets are honorific or humilific terms; that is to say, they are terms of invidious comparison, which in the last analysis fall under the category of the reputable or the disreputable;j that is, they belong within  the range of ideas that characterises the scheme of life of the régime of status; that is, they are in substance an expression of sportsmanship - of the predatory and animalistic habit of mind; that is, they indicate an archaic point of view and theory of life, which may fit the predatory stage of culture and of economic oragnisation from which they have sprung, but which are, from the point of view of economic efficiency in the broader sense, disserviceable anachronisms." (96)

Rating:  4.5/5

Feel free to leave a comment below regarding the book and/or any reactions to what you've read. Also, if you have any recommendations for either part of the series, email me all about it! I'd love to hear about what you guys are reading.

Also, I'll be doing a similar series regarding films, primarily documentaries, so keep on the look out for that!

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Reading!

Luna-tick Tock

EDIT: Silly me forgot to mention the basic aspect of mentioning the genre! Thank you Tattushenoi for your comment and having mentioned it. For this book, my search brings up "Societal Study" as the genre, which I find very apt. I would say to also take note that, as mentioned in the synopsis offered on the back of the book, this also falls under the genre of "Satire." I will make sure to mention the genre for future posts that are a part of the Little Literature Love Series. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Hugs for Japan at Washington Square Park/Continue to Lend Support!

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

I intended to explain to you all about this event that took place on Sunday but as I tried to do so with some friends, I really couldn't. It can truly only be explained as an experience. I continue to be in awe at moments that I witness in which people unite for something that really speaks to them. In this scenario, a group of people did so via facebook and together, we brought about this beautiful event. It consisted of people giving out free hugs (who were the ones who came up with this idea initially), musicians (my best friend having been one), singers, and a dancer (myself). Together we joined this cold Sunday to raise money to help our friends in Japan and even though I now have a cold, I couldn't feel more honored to have been a part of it. Here are some shots I took throughout the day (sorry some are a bit blurry but it was a rush to try and capture the moment):

We were also able to enjoy a duet from two people, Connie and Terry, from different parts in Japan who sang an original piece titled "Please Pray for Japan," sung in Japanese. They were asked to give an encore and so they sang another Japanese song to which I was asked to accompany in dance. Such an honor!!

Perhaps these pictures don't look like much but I guarantee that this day was unlike any other. It was a beautiful experience that really did yield an excellent result! I don't know of the amount collected as of yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. Also, a video of the day is in the works which I will also let you know when it is up. Hopefully it can show what I mean a lot better than I can describe on here.

Obviously, though, this has come and gone. I previously said that I would post some links that had to do with ways in which we could all help so I'll provide them here:

The American Humane Society (Donation for helping out the animals)

Network for Good (An extended list of charities that are helping out)

InterAction (Another list of groups making contributions and accepting donations)

Second Harvest Japan (Food and supply donations as well as monetary)

I'm more than likely going to look into supporting the food and supply donations for the time being but for those who want and can donate money, please do so! I especially urge to look into the "Network for Good" and "InterAction" links, as they provide lists so you can investigate where you'd like to donate more thoroughly. Also, for anyone who is looking for an interesting Spring Break opportunity or Summer opportunity, I recommend the work/volunteer opportunity as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and are doing what you can to help out our friends!

Sore made!

Luna-tick Tock