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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Hugs for Japan at Washington Square Park/Continue to Lend Support!

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

I intended to explain to you all about this event that took place on Sunday but as I tried to do so with some friends, I really couldn't. It can truly only be explained as an experience. I continue to be in awe at moments that I witness in which people unite for something that really speaks to them. In this scenario, a group of people did so via facebook and together, we brought about this beautiful event. It consisted of people giving out free hugs (who were the ones who came up with this idea initially), musicians (my best friend having been one), singers, and a dancer (myself). Together we joined this cold Sunday to raise money to help our friends in Japan and even though I now have a cold, I couldn't feel more honored to have been a part of it. Here are some shots I took throughout the day (sorry some are a bit blurry but it was a rush to try and capture the moment):

We were also able to enjoy a duet from two people, Connie and Terry, from different parts in Japan who sang an original piece titled "Please Pray for Japan," sung in Japanese. They were asked to give an encore and so they sang another Japanese song to which I was asked to accompany in dance. Such an honor!!

Perhaps these pictures don't look like much but I guarantee that this day was unlike any other. It was a beautiful experience that really did yield an excellent result! I don't know of the amount collected as of yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. Also, a video of the day is in the works which I will also let you know when it is up. Hopefully it can show what I mean a lot better than I can describe on here.

Obviously, though, this has come and gone. I previously said that I would post some links that had to do with ways in which we could all help so I'll provide them here:

The American Humane Society (Donation for helping out the animals)

Network for Good (An extended list of charities that are helping out)

InterAction (Another list of groups making contributions and accepting donations)

Second Harvest Japan (Food and supply donations as well as monetary)

I'm more than likely going to look into supporting the food and supply donations for the time being but for those who want and can donate money, please do so! I especially urge to look into the "Network for Good" and "InterAction" links, as they provide lists so you can investigate where you'd like to donate more thoroughly. Also, for anyone who is looking for an interesting Spring Break opportunity or Summer opportunity, I recommend the work/volunteer opportunity as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and are doing what you can to help out our friends!

Sore made!

Luna-tick Tock

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