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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

Hey everyone!

Since I started this blog, I've had ideas come and go and have a list prepped that continues to grow but as these posts take more time to prepare than my fashion blog posts, I have not really accomplished much here. So as I have been away from both for the last few weeks of July, I've spent the time not only organizing my room but also trying to figure out a way to organize my blogs so that I can manage both properly and really begin providing on both ends. Thus, I've decided that for this blog I will be posting EVERY TUESDAY beginning next week.

In order to really have some discourse and discussion take place here as well as comply with my above statement "Think. Grow. Express. Revolutionize." I'd like to invite you all to participate!! By this I mean I'd like to hear what has you guys thinking! Issues you'd like to address, thoughts that keep you up at night, debates you'd like to hear more information on regarding all sides involved, anything of the sort. You can be as detailed as you like with these (the more details the better!) and you will surely get recognition for raising the topic as well. From the time of the post, I'd like to see the discussion spread like wildfire and really bring further light to whatever it may be. The more we can work together to get things out there, the closer we become to acting upon it.

So if you'd like to participate, you have a few options:

1. Tweet me @Little_Luna1
2. Email me (
3. G+ me (there honestly needs to be a better term for this)

I would add FaceBook but I only kept up with my page for so long before deleting it and don't feel the need to have such an overwhelming amount of social networks. Hey, maybe that'll be something we can discuss in the near future! *writes that down*

If you have any questions regarding this, please post them in the comments section below or if you feel shy, email me. But PLEASE ask your questions! I love to answer questions and be sure I'm making things as clear as crystal for everyone.

I look forward to what you all have in mind and can't wait to really get this place started! Off to the Moon we go!

Luna-tick Tock

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