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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Declaration of IndepenDance 2012

Hey everyone! I hope 2012 has been treating y'all well thus far!

I had hoped to do this sooner but as my tweetlings may be aware of, I was dealing with a lot of sickness the past few weeks which led to a lot more oversleeping and time spent on killing more of it till I was better and able to handle a full thought process (not that thinking ever ends for me anyway). Nonetheless, here I am, alive and well and ready to finally set my current goals into digital words. I will say this before I jump into it that the whole notion of creating resolutions every new year isn't quite my thing in the same regard to others. I am continuously making goals for myself throughout the year because we never fully know what is ahead of us in life.


So what I like to do at the start of a new year is simply to list what I have in mind at that point; something of a to-do list for the time ahead of me, if you will. That means I can add as I go as well as eliminate. It's much better to be open about these things than to simply decide "I'M GOING TO HIT THE GYM!" and be disappointed by the increasing amount of time spent NOT going to the gym--the initiative just doesn't seem to be there and it also takes away from the real sense of accomplishment.Ultimately this is to further bring forth and nurture myself (that being why I give it the name seen in the title--the different spelling will be explained later on). As I'm sure you've come to know of me now, I enjoy the written word and take it to heart; therefore, I treat my goals the same way. Lastly, can I say how good it feels to have that somewhat physical notification that you've accomplished something, even if it is completely beyond that? I honestly recommend you give it a try.

And without further ado, here's my own goals (not necessarily in a specific order, but you can see that some hold greater priority and influence others):

Simply Life
1. Get a hold of a manageable part-time job
2. Seek out the first apartment
3. Earn an internship
4. Feel free to take some time for the self to explore and grow
5. Don't over-analyze close friends but do keep a close watch over acquaintances
6. Keep cooking little by little--no microwave included
7. Don't let the stress win
8. Make the hopes to maintain the blogs well a reality, no matter what life decides to toss
9. Stay in school (lol--more seriously, stay focused)

Fashion & Beauty
1. Don't be afraid to be bold and step out of the comfort zone
2. Don't be afraid to be minimal and step out of the comfort zone
3. Step away from "fast fashion" even more.
4. Endorse the designers that make the heart pitter-patter with euphoria however possible
5. Go into the luxury stores and dream till obtainable
6. Tend to the body fully--keep a healthy wardrobe and cosmetic collection; clean out and feed when necessary and not in excess

1. Keep protesting as long as it feels right
2. Get more involved in the social sphere--discuss, learn, and educate
3. Write all ideas down and don't leave them to fade; develop the worthwhile
4. Spread into social media more and reach out further
5. Wow someone through talent
6. Go on an adventure or five
7. DANCE!!! (This would be that explanation, by the way)

I hope to share many of these with you in the future, whether it be just telling you all about it or actually surprising someone with a gift. Nonetheless, what goals do you have in mind for now? How do you plan on making them happen? Are they for the just now or for the long term? Any ideas after giving this a read? Any tips regarding how to achieve my own goals? How do you plan on celebrating your accomplishments?

Here's to a busy but possible year ahead! Cheers!

Hasta Luego!

Luna-tick Tock

P.S. This same post will be visible on Little Luna's Loves as well.

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